for the beauty lover on your list...


Volition Beauty is one of my favorite beauty brands as they make some of the best skin products. The Passport Collection is the PERFECT Christmas gift for the beauty lover on your list. It includes the Turmeric Brightening Polish, Helix AM/PM Eye Gel, and the Oceanene Youth-Boost Gel. All of the products are travel friendly (yay!) and made to prep, prime and treat your skin.

I’ve been incorporating these products into my daily routine and love how they feel. They are super creamy and hydrating. I have very oily skin so the fact that these don’t make my skin feel more oily is a lifesaver.

I love to use the Turmeric Brightening Polish after my morning shower. You put it on for 2-3 minutes and just wash your face after. I love how it instantly brightens your skin and it smells good too! I put the Helix AM/PM Eye Gel on in the morning and night. It has a lot of collagen in it and is VERY soothing. It de-puffs you as well, which is necessary especially in the morning. I have been obsessed with using the Oceanene Youth-Boost Gel as a moisturizer in the morning. It’s amazing in these hella dry winter months and I’ve been bathing in it.

This kit is a $93 value, but for the holidays, you can purchase it for $63! It contains 1 full sized product and 2 deluxe travel sized products. You can purchase it at Sephora online in the US and Canada and in selected stores!

Whatever beauty loving lady is on your list this year will be lucky to receive this gift. She will also LOVE you for giving it to her ;)

Happy Holidays! xx