my summer secret: tanceuticals


I LOVE being tan. I hate being pale. I also don't want to be extremely winkled when I'm older so that's why I'm introducing you to my little summer secret: Tanceuticals. They have so many amazing products that will make you a bronzed babe without the sun damage. Plus, they smell like coconuts and not the nasty smell that other tanning lotions have. THANK GOODNESS.

Bonus: They were voted the #1 self tanner on so you know they are the bomb.


Self Tanning Body Lotion in Dark and Ultra Dark: It gives you a great looking tan PLUS keeps your skin moisturized and healthy. It also firms and tones your skin (YES) and protects and repairs against premature aging. WIN WIN. It's also infused with Acai Berry, Mango Butter and Vitamin E. I like to use the different shades based on my skin tone at the time and how bronzed I want to be. I think it's best to start with Dark and then rev it up with Ultra Dark. 

CC Self Tanning Body Mousse in Dark: This product has all the benefits of the lotion and is infused with Acai Berry, Pomegranate Extract, and Argan Oil to moisturize, repair and firm your skin. Literally, this product does so many amazing things and gives you a bronzed glow. It's 100% something that we all NEED in our lives.

Luxurious Tanning Mitt: This makes sure the mousse and lotion goes on evenly and doesn't stain your hand. 

CC Self Tanning Face Lotion Dark: We all look better with a tan, and being tan means less/no makeup. I LOVE not having to wear makeup in the summer. This product has all the benefits of the others and is infused with Rose Hip, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. 

Everyday Tan Extender: This makes sure that your tan doesn't fade and we don't become pale! It also has DHA which helps even out your tan too. This one has Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Pomegranate, yum.


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JPEG image-FFE79D10A022-8.jpeg
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JPEG image-FFE79D10A022-2.jpeg
JPEG image-FFE79D10A022-7.jpeg
JPEG image-FFE79D10A022-9.jpeg

I hope you can try these out and all be bronzed babes! 



*this post is sponsored by Tanceuticals, but all opinions are my own!