my 2 minute natural makeup routine


I'm not one who sits and does her makeup for 30 minutes every morning. It honestly takes me less than five minutes to do it in the morning, is that bad?? I'm not high maintenance in that department! I have nailed down my favorite products that are my essentials.

Cover FX Illuminating Primer- This is perfect to add a layer before anything else or mix in with your foundation. It's lightweight, not oily and gives you a glow.

Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation- I just bought this because I have oily skin, but want medium coverage. It's actually perfect and lightweight, which I love! I am not one for heavy foundation that doesn't look natural and this one is too good.

Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer- I have been searching for a good concealer and finally found it! I love this as it's super light but covers up everything that isn't cute on your face :) 

Cover FX Bronzer in Sunset and Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna- I love a good bronzer and these two are the best. I love using one of these or even mixing together! 

Benefit Galifornia Blush and Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk- I love the Galifornia blush because it is such a peachy, pretty color. I also like to do the Cloud Paint because it is liquid and more color. I love to mix these two together! 

Milk Makeup Highlighter, Becca Champagne Pop and Cover FX Custom Cover Drops- I love all of these for different reasons. I get SO many compliments from the Milk highlighter as it's super glowy and fun. I love Becca because it's powder so you don't need a lot of it. The Cover FX Drops are for when I'm really feeling myself and need EXTRA glow. 

Benefit Gimme Brow + Volumizing Eyebrow Gel- I love this, because it's easy to put on and doesn't take a lot of skill or effort...which I don't have and don't want to do! 

Benefit They're Real Mascara- Mascara is easy. I love this one so much.

Sara Happ Coconut Lip Scrub- You need in your life now. It smells amazing, and makes your lips super soft. What more could you want?! 

Fenty Gloss Bomb and Sara Happ The Lip Slip- The Fenty gloss is LEGIT. It is MAJOR gloss and gives a pretty color too. I love Sara Happ because it is so good. I love the Nude and Pink the best but all of her colors are soooo pretty.