the face masks you need


I love a good face mask and especially ones that are specific for what you need. I just discovered avatara and am obsessed with all of their different face masks. These all smell delicious and make my skin feel fresh, plump and energized. PLUS, it only takes 10-20 minutes and the masks are $3 each, what could be better? 


DAINTY ROSE HYDROGEL LIP MASK: This one is specifically for smoothing your lips. I'm obsessed with anything to do with lips and this one is so fun! It's adorable and perfect.

TART ORANGE HYDROGEL LIP MASK: Another lip mask love, and this one is for collagen, so it plumps you up. YES.

NO BAGGAGE HYDROGEL EYE MASK: I need a good energizer for my eyes and this one is perfect, and also smells amazing. I love to put this one on in the morning before I do my makeup for a little perking up.

PLUMP UP FACE MASK: This one is for tired skin which I always have, even though I sleep a ton, ugh. This is "a cocktail of skin restorers", so you know it's bomb.

CLEAR OUT FACE MASK: This one is a lifesaver as it's perfect for your blemishes. Lord knows I have enough of them. This mask is to clean and exfoliate, and remove impurities that can block pores and lead to blackheads. We all need this.

LIGHT UP FACE MASK: This one brightens your skin and makes you look awake and vibrant. I love this one for the mornings as well. Seriously, so good.

FILL IT UP FACE MASKThis one is perfect for ironing out your lines. It gives you vibrant and younger-looking skin, so it's perfect to prevent the wrinkles that I know are coming eventually :(