festival inspired hair with Bed Head

For all the people out there that are a lot more fun than I am, festival season is here and better than ever. I have yet to attend one, but can't wait for the day I actually do. (Soon, I promise!) Until then, I will live vicariously through other's Instagram photos and just dress and act like I'm actually at one. I LOVE wearing my hair wavy/curly and love that Bed Head makes the most amazing styling irons to help me do this. I'm so glad I found a good iron that heats up fast, and allows me to curl and wave my hair very easily! It also takes minimal effort too! 

The iron I used in these photos is the Bed Head® Curlipops™ 1 1/4" Tourmaline Ceramic Styling Iron which can be purchased at Ulta! So easy. The Technology in this iron reduces frizz and gives you major shine, which we all need in our lives. I love the 1” Reverse Tapered Barrel for volume up top and curls at the bottom and it goes up to 400° F (because heat for dayzzz!) It's literally all you need to create bouncy, shiny curls that last all day.  

Bed Head is such a good brand and one that I’ve really admired for years. You can’t go wrong with their products! Bed Head Styling offers a wide range of really good products that you can really trust. It's seriously so amazing. I bring my iron on every vacation, and don't go a day without using it! It’s the PERFECT size and takes me only like ten minutes to do my hair. SO easy.

I hope you all have some fun this season and always. So go put some waves in your hair and love Bed Head just as much as I do! 


IMG_6655 copy.JPG

This post is sponsored by Bed Head Styling and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own.