braids with Bed Head


For a lot of you lucky ducklings, it’s back to school time. I’m not going to lie…I would do anything to go back to school. I miss it SO much and am so sad that it literally flew by. I’m a full-blown adult now and while I love my job and life, I miss the days of going to class, having all of my friends within a two-mile radius, going out, eating literally whatever I wanted and so much more. So yeah, back to school time is the best…for you who can still enjoy it!


 When I was in college I wouldn’t be that girl who wore running shorts/Lululemon leggings and oversized tees everyday. I planned my outfits out in advance and really cared about what I wore. I also took the time to do my hair most mornings. I also spent a lot of time shopping online in class and my roommate would make fun of how many packages I received. Let’s just say…I enjoyed myself.

 In college I used the same curling wand I had since high school and would have loved to have this Bed Head Curlipops ¾” Styling Iron. It’s the perfect wand and creates natural looking curls that are very effortless in just a few minutes. I swear it takes me 5 minutes to curl my hair. SO EASY. I would have loved this back in the day…(aka 2 years ago). I really love that this also creates a lot of shine and reduces frizz. It’s perfect. Bed Head products can now be purchased in-store and online at Ulta Beauty which is a lifesaver. The prices are so good too.


 I love creating hairstyles with this wand. I love this french braid style with a couple ponytails. You just french braid like normal and leave some hair out of the bottom. Curl the hair that’s left out and you are done. SO easy and takes a few minutes. I also love a good half-up style, high pony, or even throwing on a baseball cap or beanie and curling the pieces that stick out. College ladies (and all ladies), this is a game changer.