my Frank Body favorites


One of my favorite brands right now is Frank Body. They make some really unique products and their packaging is beyond adorable. I’m just obsessed with their branding as a whole and think it’s genius. I also love using their products daily as well.



Original Coffe Scrub- First of all…the packaging. “Guess What? You’'ll be naked in one minute.” How do you turn that down? It’s adorable and super cheeky which I love. This scrub is also amazing. I love using this in the shower. Not going to lie, your shower will get extremely dirty but it is totally worth it. It smells like coffee and really wakes me up in the morning. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth.

Express-O Coffee Scrub- This scrub is so good too and I’m beyond obsessed with the packaging as well. I love the color and the top is so cool. It’s “Whipped for your convenience.” adorable. It leaves my skin glowing which I really love in the morning.

Magic Shimmer Oil- By now, you should know that I love a little glow…or a lot of glow. You decide. This oil goes on clear which I seriously am so grateful for and smells like coconut. What more could you want?? This baby is magical.

Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil- I love this for removing makeup. It really does the trick and you won’t have raccoon eyes when you finish washing your face. I love to put this on before washing my face, and the makeup just comes off so easily.

Illuminator- Highlighter baby. My favorite type of makeup and this one doesn’t disappoint. It’s subtle but perfect and super glowy. You can even mix it with your moisturizer for extra glow. You will thank me later.

Glow Mask- I love face masks and use this one in the morning after washing my face and before putting on makeup.. It reduces puffiness, gives your skin extra life and just brightens overall. It’s perfect.

Send Nudes Lip and Cheek Tint- First of all, I love the name again. They are so brilliant. This is the perfect nude color and is the perfect lip gloss and really plumps them up. I like to add a little to my cheeks as well for extra color and it is hydrating.

Shimmer Lip Duo- Sparkle and shine ladies. Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe it. I love the scrub for moisture and exfoliating and then the gloss is just so perfect.

You will love Frank Body just as much as I do…I swear.