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Lately I’ve been really into podcasts and love throwing them on while I’m getting ready in the morning, driving a long distance or sitting at work and wanting to focus. Below are some of my absolute favorites & a few that were recommended to me, but I still need to listen to. (not enough time in the day, I swear)

Comments by Celebs- This one I listen to religiously and am beyond obsessed. First, if you don’t follow their Instagram what are you even doing with your life?? Second, if you need a lot of celebrity drama/news/recaps/hypothetical situations, etc this is your go-to. I also think Emma and Julie and I would be best friends IRL and wish I lived in NY or they lived in ATL. They are also launching a special Kardashian only podcast once a week which I am BEYOND EXCITED for. Literally. It’s amazing. Go listen NOW.

Skinny Confidential: Lauryn and Michael are everything goals in life. I love listening to her tips and tricks on life and am also always buying things on Amazon that she recommends, trying new supplements and foods, etc. I also love Michael and think he’s genius and they are so cute together and just a major power couple. They have the BEST guests and such a wide variety. I listen to every single podcast no matter what and always end up taking so many notes, finding new people to follow, and just learning so much about different careers, lifestyles, diets, etc.

The Harbaugh Podcast: Attach Each Day: This one I might be biased to because it’s my grandpa and uncle’s podcast, but I love listening to them talk about family, football and everything else. My grandpa has no filter which I love and I always enjoy hearing his stories from the past, with includes so many life lessons. Even if you don’t like football, especially Michigan football, it’s a good one to listen to for many reasons!

Girl’s Gotta Eat: This one I have listened to a few times and think it’s just so relatable. I need to make this one a weekly thing! The girls are so funny and just what everyone needs in their lives!

Dirty John: So, I didn’t listen to the podcast but the show was unbelievable. I might just go back and listen to the podcast too for more drama and suspense.

The Morning Toast: Have heard so many good things about this one and they have bomb guests. I can’t wait to listen!

Rise Together Podcast: I need to start listening to this one, but I’m reading Rachel Hollis’ book, “Girl Wash Your Face” right now and can’t put it down. I love her sense of humor, all of her advice. I love that she does this podcast with her husband too. They always talk about relationships on it, which is good for everyone to listen to.

Scrubbing In: I have enjoyed following Becca Tilley since her Bachelor days and even got to meet her once (she was SO nice). Tanya Rad is also beyond cool and someone we should all be like. They have amazing dialogue and I love some of their guests. It’s so fun to listen too.

Influencer Podcast: I have been following this one for a while and love Julie Solomon and all of her advice on being an influencer, how to get ahead, how to stay afloat and more. She also has incredible guests and I learn so many new things each time. I highly recommend it for any influencer!

We Heard What: We all love Who What Wear and now she has a podcast! Her guests are so cool and I love learning the BTS of everything as well.

Fohr Ground: I love watching “A Drink With James” and am so excited that Fohr has a podcast now! I can’t wait to keep listening and learning. The one with Danielle Bernstein is so good too!

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations: It’s Oprah so you know it’s incredible.

U Up?: A lot about dating, and being a 20-something.

How I Built This: So many amazing guests talking about how they created their businesses: SoulCycle, Five Guys, Airbnb, Lyft, etc

Straight Up With Stassi: Stassi is like my spirit animal and I love listening to her podcast. So relatable, but also not and just so fun to listen to.

Say Bible: Everything Kardashians. Enough said.

My Favorite Murder: I have heard so many amazing things about this one and need to start listening! I love true crime and think it’s so fascinating so I’m excited to listen!

The Joe Rogan Experience: I haven’t listened yet, but it has been recommended to me many times!

Pardon My Take: For all my sports ladies and men out there!

Dr. Wayne Dyer: Olivia Harlen Dekker recommended this on her Instagram and I immediately subscribed. I have his book, xx, and can’t wait to listen to this podcast. She said it is a great way to start the day!

What are your favorites?! What am I missing, what do I need to listen to, etc, etc! Let me know which ones you love and can’t get enough of too!

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