why I'm moving to Atlanta


Sooo, I'm moving to Atlanta in July. I've been in Los Angeles for a year and while I love it, I really need to be closer to my family. In this past year I've learned that family is the most important thing in life and being 3,000 miles away from mine isn't ideal (which a year ago I was like okay 3,000 miles let's do it can't be that bad...lol I was wrong.) . It's been a struggle of a year being so far apart.

I'm extremely proud of myself for moving here all alone and handling and dealing with what LA has to offer. I've had a few jobs, all really great ones that I was lucky to have and I'm sad to be leaving my current jobs with bosses that treat me like family and I've learned so much from. I've met a couple amazing girlfriends (who already said they are going to visit!) and also some not so amazing people (welcome to LA), but overall I've learned so much from living in Los Angeles and you bet I'll be back in a few years, hopefully closer to Malibu.

I'm excited to live in Atlanta and will be living a little over an hour from my family. I'm so happy to be closer to my dad's new basketball team, the Georgia Bulldogs. Basketball season is basically my life and has been for 23 years. We spent one season without it and let me tell you...I AM WAY TOO EXCITED for it to be back in our lives. I'm beyond thrilled for this new chapter in my family's lives and honestly just can't be 3,000 miles away on a different time zone, it's not the same. So I'm opting for an hour and a half away in a major, poppin' city where I'm going to thrive even harder.

I'm also looking forward to all of the people I'm bound to meet in a brand new city. Also, the rent is cheaper and the shopping is just as good as LA (thank goodness, if not I wouldn't be going). I'm excited to see what Atlanta has to offer and make it my own. I'm excited to excel in a brand new place. I hope you follow along on this new journey, with a LOT of brand new content.

In the words of Usher, Peace up, A-town down. 


Jacket by LoJo Bands- College girls, you will LOVE them!