haterade. how to live your best life

HATERS: I've been dealing with this topic maybe my entire life. People can be nasty, mean, rude, jealous, ridiculous, etc. I've dealt with so many of these people and want to talk about it a little bit. 

From day one, my dad's been a college basketball coach. People love him, but people don't love him and can say NASTY things. (some pretty funny that people think they have an opinion.) I would go to school and hear comments about that loss last night and how their favorite team is better than ours, and which player needs to do this and which play my dad shouldn't have called...nice opinion bro, let me call up my dad and let him know your thoughts because you are a college basketball coach too?? 23 years later, I've learned to laugh at the people and their opinion and just not care. It's hard not to care but after so many years you learn to deal. My dad is also one of the most humble people who does not let these people affect him and the way he lives his life and does his job. It's not your problem it's theirs. So just do your thing.

I've also dealt with people in my own life who have issues of their own. I have been guilty of letting their comments, behavior, actions, etc affect me and upset me. However, recently, I've learned that it's really their problem and they have an issue with themselves and it really just shouldn't affect you. A couple weeks ago at church, the pastor was talking about how the best thing to do is live your life and live it well. It will irritate the other person so much but you will be happy and carefree. Just remember, it's usually not your problem, it's the issues of others around you.

SO: Live your life. Do your thing. Do what makes you happy and do it well. Don't care what people think about you, don't judge others, be yourself, dress how you want, do what you LIKE and that is all. Always treat people how you want to be treated and if you don't receive it back then their loss! There is only one you and you only get one life, so live it up and live it well. 



Megan Crean