life update: end of may

life update.png

A lot has been happening recently & I wanted to share it all. I'm also planning on doing this about once a month so I hope you enjoy! 


I packed up everything in LA and am living in Florida for a month with my family. It's like a little break from reality, spending time with my favorite people (and my dog) and just enjoying myself with little to no stress. We are all moving to Georgia in July (me to Atlanta and them to Athens) and I'm excited for that journey, but June is allll about relaxing (and a lot of planning for the move). I'm also hoping to get super tan and super fit, I'm down 10 pounds from gluten-free so let's keep rollinnn.


We all know I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy and I haven't been watching like a freak lately (last month I went through 10 episodes in a day, decided to chill), but slowly moving through Season 10. Also, highlight was seeing Mark Sloan IN REAL LIFE, in front of my car last week. I may or may not have had a minor freakout.

I'm excited for Becca's season of The Bachelorette. Arie's season was so painful, he was awful and I'm glad we are on to bigger and better. I also FINALLY saw I, Tonya on the plane to Florida and if you haven't seen it, you are missing out! BTW, my little sister made me watch Wonder and it was so good. That is a must-see movie.


I just finished The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty for the second time, her books are soo good. I read every night so I usually go through a book a week. I'm having a hard time finding a new book to read so give me all the suggestions!! 


My favorite church in LA was Mosaic and I'm SO glad they have an app where I can read the daily devotionals and listen to previous sermons. That is one of the things I'll miss most while living there so I'm glad I can still feel apart of it all. I also love UNUM for planning my Instagram feed and I obsess over making it perfect. It's easy to move things around, add captions and hashtags and more! Daily Horoscope is something that I've started reading everyday and sometimes it is SCARY ACCURATE. I am always sending them to my close friends being like "did you write this??" 


The Influencer Insight podcasts by Julie Solomon are key for bloggers/influencers and love learning. I also think James Nord is hilarious and knowledgable so his "A Drink with James" podcasts are perfect. As far as music goes...I need some new albums to be released. Kayne, where are your 5 albums at??!! I'm still stuck on old school Usher so probably need to up my game a little.


These sweatpants from Anthropologie are literally $30 and I will dress them up with this tube top and Nikes. (yes, another pair of sweats, it's what I like). I also got the cutest dishes on sale at Anthro too for my new apartment. I've been apartment hunting and furniture shopping like crazy to create my little dream place. How amazing is this couch?? I'm so excited for it all to come together! 


I live for the cauliflower crust pizza at California Pizza Kitchen. There is one 5 minutes from my house and I will be frequenting a lot this month. I also have a list of recipes I want to try out this month as well since I have a nice kitchen finally and my mom to help :) I will share those as I make them! ALSO, new obsession: Harmless Coconut Water. I usually don't like the taste but this one is beyond.