the gluten-free snacks and products you need in your life

My mind is BLOWN with how many amazing gluten-free snacks and products there are and I'm obsessed. They are so delicious. I've been doing lots of research, and I am always hitting up Whole Foods to find new things. I want to share a few of my favorites with you, because I know you will love them just as much as I do.


Tate's Bake Shop: They make the BEST desserts on the planet. Their cookies are thin and crispy and come in multiple flavors. I'm especially OBSESSED with the Coconut Crisp Cookies, and the Ginger Zinger Cookies. I love dipping the Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Double Chocolate Chip Cookies in some almond milk for dessert. The Blondies are UNREAL and the Brownies are delicious too. Thank goodness for Tate's, I swear. ALSO, use code "MEGAN20" for 20% off your purchase! You can thank me later :) 


Papa Steve's: These little bars are lifesavers and fill you up in a good way. If I have one in the late morning, or early afternoon I'm not really hungry until dinner. They have so many different flavors that I can't pick a favorite but here are some I love: Almond Coconut Crunch, Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew, Mint Chocolate Chunk, Cranberry Almond and the Banana Oat Choco Chip. 


Dr. Praegers: The most delicious veggie burgers ever. I used to not love veggie burgers until I discovered this brand. I'm now obsessed with the California Veggie Burger and the Super Greens Veggie Burger which has ginger and cayenne pepper for an extra kick. You can wrap them in lettuce or just eat with a fork (my preferred and lazy method).  I can't get enough and could eat one everyday if I had to. I'm also loving their Kale Puffs and the Four Potato Puffs for a little snack, appetizer, or dinner side. So fancy too! ALSO,  you need to try the Southwest Hash Browns and the Brussels Sprout Cakes. They are so good and I can't stop eating them.


Hippeas: First of all, the cutest package I have ever received. These chickpea puffs are delicious and come in so many amazing flavors. I also love their vibe and message: "This is a call for the modern hippies. Who want goodness for mind, body and soul and rally behind those that want the same. Let's stand together: arms in the air, flowers in our hair and crumbs in our beards." The flavors include: Far Out Fajita (ridiculously good), Sriracha Sunshine, Vegan White Cheddar, Pepper Power and Bohemian Barbecue. They are gluten-free, vegan, baked not fried, organic and plant protein. You NEED to try & I can't put the bag down ever. 


Mamma Chia: I first tried their Chia Squeeze's and they are so good. You can bring these little snacks anywhere for a little somethin' somethin'. They have become my go-to snack when I need something quick and delicious. It's also really fun to eat them! Their flavors are so yummy too: Wild Raspberry, Green Magic, Blackberry Bliss, Mango Coconut, Cherry Beet and Strawberry Banana. 


Banza: Just because you have to be gluten-free, doesn't mean you give up pasta. Thank G for Banza, it is sooo good. I love to mix this pasta with some veggies, chicken and either a good pasta sauce or pesto. It's easy, healthy and delicious. They also have a really good mac & cheese too. See, gluten-free can be fun...