your guide to supplements

When I started going to a holistic doctor, she put me on a lot of supplements: Zinc, Magnesium, B12, Vitamin D, Maca, etc and they have changed me so much. I used to never take them and now they are my daily routine. 

I recently discovered Hum Nutrition and really love all of their products. I should have been doing this months/years ago! I started taking them the past few days and already notice little differences. They have a quiz on their site where you can specify your issues, what you want to change, what you want to see, and they will tell you the recommended products. 


SKINNY BIRD: An all-natural weight-loss program. These reduce stress eating, boost metabolism, curb your appetite, and support healthy blood sugar levels. I have already noticed my appetite being a little less (still a very healthy amount but I'm getting full earlier), and I'm not snacking as much. They also give me more energy too.

OMG! OMEGA THE GREAT: These support even skin tone, a healthy heart brain and body! My holistic doctor said that this is a great essential to have!

FLATTER ME: This one supports a flatter stomach and healthy digestion. I'm soooo down for a flatter stomach. 

GUT INSTINCT: This one benefits your skin, health and beauty with probiotics. I have had multiple gut issues lately as I've written about and this has already made a difference!

GLOW SWEET GLOW: These gummies are good for skin hydration, because we are all about that glow! They also stimulate collagen production, so you know it's necessary. Bonus, they taste delicious! 


These are the supplements that I have been using and love. I can't wait to try more in the future. I have linked these below and a few other amazing ones! 


Let me know what supplements you take and if they work for you! I hope you can try a few of these HUM goodies, as I know you will love them!