books you need to read ASAP


You all know I LOVE to read and read 1-2 books a week. I have a Kindle and it’s what I do before I go to bed always, and then whenever else I have a chance. Also, if you don’t own a Kindle, I highly recommend you get on Amazon and purchase one immediately. They are under $150 and the best invention ever made. I’ve had mine for 4 years and it is still better than ever.

I put together a list of some of my recent favorite books that you need to read literally right now. BRB while I go reread all of these!

The Storyteller’s Secret: This book was incredible. The characters were so real, and the storyline was really cool. It went between different generations in India and you learn a lot about their culture. So touching too.

The Summer Guests: Mary Alice Monroe is such a good author and her books never disappoint. This book had incredible characters all with different storylines. It is the perfect summer read!

Women Last Seen In Her Thirties: This book was about a women whose husband asked for a divorce after 26 years of marriage and she had to go find herself. It sounds cheesy but it was actually so good and the main character is really lovable!

The Last Time I Saw You: This author is SO good and I need her to write more books! This story had a crazy mystery and when you think you guess who did it, you have NO idea. The ending will shock you.

The Couple on Cedar Close: Nuts. So nuts. Another really good murder mystery.

I Found You: Such a crazy story that has two parts: present and past. You think you will guess how it turns out and you will NEVER guess. So insane.

The Better Sister: Another murder mystery because I can’t get enough. This isn’t solved until the very end and it is crazy too.

The 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote for Chaos- Jordan B. Peterson: I’ve been posting this book a lot on my stories and love it. The lessons are so good and I can’t stop highlighting it. I will do a major post on this once I’m done!

The Wife Between Us- Read this in like 2 days, literally couldn’t put it down it was SO SO SO SO good.

The Best Friend and The Perfect Family- Shalini Boland- Both so insane and mind-twisting and crazy.

The Accidental Beauty Queen- Not a psychological thriller but literally so cute. A good story about sister’s but also a cute love story, so jealous.

The Proposal- Literally adorable, and wish this happened to me in LA but it didn’t. But it could in Atlanta….hmm..

We Were Mothers- Holy moly, so much going on, and you won’t believe the ending.

The Lying Game and The Woman In Cabin 10- Ruth Ware- Wow, what an incredible author. Both were so captivating and I could not put them down. I would love a movie to be made of these!

Turning Point- Danielle Steel- I’ve never read one of her books before but this one was really intriguing so I’m going to add more of hers to her list. I loved the characters in this and the story line was so interesting.

anything by Liane Moriarty: Some of my favorites include: What Alice Forgot, The Husband’s Secret, and Nine Perfect Strangers. She is the BEST. I can’t put her books down and literally pre-order each new book and read it in a day when it comes out.

The Last Mrs. Parrish- Liv Constantine- This book was INSANE. I read it in 2 days and could not stop reading. READ IT NOW.

anything by Mary Higgins Clark- She is such a good writer and her mysteries always have a crazy twist at the end. I’ve read about 20 of her books and each one is just as addicting as the next. I just finished The Shadow Of Your Smile and it was SO good.

The Other Woman- Sandie Jones- Not what you expect. The twist near the end was unreal.

anything by Emily Giffin- I’ve been reading her books for years. They are feel-good, easy to read, and contain so many great lessons.

Something in The Water- Catherine Steadman- Such a crazy storyline that you won’t want to stop until you make it to the end. The ending was soooo unexpected.

When Life Gives You Lululemons- Lauren Weisberger- So funny, super light and a really good story about friendship and REVENGE against horrible men. AMEN.

It’s Always The Husband- Michelle Campbell- You will never guess who the killer is. EVER.

The Best of Us- Sarah Pekkanen- A book about a group of friends on a trip to Jamaica, where a lot of secrets are being kept. There’s also a hurricane. Stuff goes doooown.

Firefly Lane and Fly Away- Kristin Hannah- Something different than my normal thrillers. These two books are about friendship, and loss.

According To A Source- Abby Stern- So girly, so good. Think behind the scenes of a New York City magazine.

The Secret and The Letter- Kathryn Hughes- Parts of these took place in the past and part in the present. A really good story.

Small Great Things- Jodi Picoult- Such an incredible story. I really love her books and their meanings. I enjoyed these characters a lot.

anything by Elin Hildebrand- The best beach reads ever. They are all set in Nantucket and the story lines are so good.

The Couple Next Door- Shari Lapena- SO crazy. Just read it.

Behind Closed Doors- BA Paris- SO SO SO INSANE.

Lilac Girls- Martha Hall Kelly- Set during WWII and such a good story.

anything by Sandra Brown- The craziest thrillers ever. You can’t put them down, and you won’t see the major twists coming.

anything by Sophie Kinsella- She wrote the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” series (there’s like 8 books, all amazing), but I love all of her other stories. They are all so different yet really good. I recently read I Owe You One and it was SO cute. Ugh, love all her books so much.