easy meals to make in under 20 minutes

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I am not one who loves to cook and I get pretty lazy with it. However, there are a few good meals that I make that really don’t take very long at all. They are easy, healthy & delicious! (Also you can notice I don’t stray far from the ingredients I really like, and let’s remember I’m not chef nor I describe recipes well!)


-chicken, red peppers, zucchini, onions, broccoli, kale, ginger, teriyaki sauce & a little soy sauce. (whatever other veggies you like!)

-cook the chicken in a separate pan and saute all of the veggies in one pan. Add the chicken when it’s done cooking with the ginger, teriyaki sauce and soy sauce.


-ground turkey, quinoa, red peppers, spinach or arugula, zucchini, avocado, basil, oregano & any other spice you like (and whatever other veggies you like!)

-cook the ground turkey in a separate skillet, cook the quinoa on it’s own, saute the veggies in a separate pan and then add all together.


-sweet potatoes, kale, chicken sausage, gruyére cheese

-cook the sweet potatoes and chicken sausage together and then add in the kale, preheat oven to 350 degrees, cook all together for 10 minutes and add the cheese in for the last few minutes


-Banza pasta, pesto sauce, chicken, red peppers, kale/spinach and feta cheese

-cook the Banza pasta, cook the chicken and veggies, add pesto and feta in and mix all together


-raw shrimp, zucchini noodles (or you can make your own), lemon, olive oil, butter, and white wine

-cook the shrimp and noodles in a separate skillet, mix together and add all sauces/flavor


-chicken/ground turkey, corn tortillas, red peppers and onions, brown rice, fajita seasoning, mozzarella cheese

-cook the meat in a separate skillet and add in fajita seasoning in the end, cook veggies and rice, then add all together and put in a warm corn tortilla or make a rice bowl with it and add a little sour cream on top of each top (if you’re feeling it)


-chicken, red peppers, cucumber, onions, quinoa or rice, tzatziki sauce & feta

-cook the chicken in a separate skillet, and cook the veggies in a separate skillet. then mix all together and add the tzatziki sauce and feta

Let me know any other quick & easy recipes you love to make! I am always looking for new things :)