why you need a happy list

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A few years ago a friend told me to make a list of things that make me happy and to keep it on my phone, or written in a journal. I am always updating that list and it really helps when you need a mood boost, or just want to do something you love. A happy list is important to remind you of the little things you enjoy in life and things that never fail to make you smile or feel better. It’s important to have this no matter what, whether you’re feeling sad, whether you had a long day and are tired, or whether you are in a great mood and want to make it even better. It’s also great so you know the little things that make you happiest in life. It’s a very good thing to have that locked down.

I love looking at my list when I have a long week, feel down about something, or just want to do something I love. I have mine written on the notes in my phone and also my favorite notebookl and I’m constantly updating it. My goal is to do at least one thing on this list each day, good days (or very bad days) include more of this!


-biscuits and gravy

-listening to Six Inch- Beyonce

-watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s

-listening to any Rick Ross song

-watching an episode of Friends, Modern Family or Gossip Girl

-calling a friend

-listening to Pretty Girl Rock- Keri Hilson

-looking at Pinterest quotes

-calling my grandparents

-browsing online (see I didn’t say shopping ;)

-making a smoothie or milkshake

-listening to a good podcast

-picking out a bomb outfit (good outfits always make me feel better/happy)

-watching The Wizard of Oz

-reading a book

-taking a nap (never fails)

-putting on my favorite loungewear (aka a matching sweatsuit from Wildfox or Monrow)

-watching Remember The Titans

-hanging out with my dog

-writing in a journal ( I recently discovered journal prompts on Pinterest and have been trying to do this once a day!)

-taking a LONG, hot bath with lots of jets on

-eating chicken and waffles

-putting on a good face mask

-making cookies or just eating the dough

-long walks with a friend or alone listening to a podcast

-blasting my favorite music in the shower

-lighting a candle or two

-making to-do lists

-reading Who What Wear for fashion inspiration

-eating very good ice cream

I encourage you to go make a happy list and try to do 1-2 things on it everyday, and even more when you aren’t feeling so great. I promise you it will make you HAPPY & also show the things you really love to do in life.

Megan Crean