the best things on Amazon you never knew you needed

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I'm obsessed with Amazon, as I'm sure we all are. I tend to buy things I may or may not need. (Sometimes I don't need it at all, but end up loving it). Half the time, I forget what I order so whenever the package arrives it's a surprise! I wanted to share a couple recent purchases with you all that you will love too.


STUDDED FLIP FLOPS: Like Valentino, but $20. My friend Campbell has been wearing them all summer and finally tried hers on and was sold. My foot is kind of weird so flip flops are one of the few sandals I can actually wear and be comfortable. I’m buying 2 colors!

CELINE INSPIRED SUNGLASSES: I LOVE the Celine sunglasses but your girl isn’t dropping $400 on them. Not happening. I bought a pair of these replicas in LA like 3 years ago and wear them daily. I found them on Amazon for $10…and they are perfect.

PEARL HEADBANDS: I love the Lele headbands and have the denim one, but the pearl one just didn’t fit my head perfectly for what I paid. I love these replicas from Amazon and this 3 pack is $15. Yes, 3 for $15. Added to cart, done.

GUCCI INSPIRED HEADBANDS: Like how adorable and under $20? Sold. Here is a 4 pack for $14. Can’t beat it I swear.

KLORANE DRY SHAMPOO: I’ve tried soooo many dry shampoos and besides Amika, this is my favorite! It has Oat Milk in it so it’s super soothing and the scent is so nice. It’s REALLY lightweight and just so easy. The price is really good too!

FUZZY SLIPPERS: These are SO comfy, and only $22? They come in sooo many different colors and are such a necessity. Yes, I wear mine out of the house on a regular basis. THESE ONES are only $12 and so comfy too. I bought them as a gift for someone and almost kept them for myself!

ORIBE ROLLERBALL: Once again, the scent is literally something else and now you don’t have to have the shampoo to smell like it. Whenever I used to go to Barry’s Bootcamp I would go for the Oribe soap and lotion but now for $32 I don’t have to!

BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING COMPUTER SCREEN: I can’t not have this ever again. I’m on my computer like 10-12 hours a day and this protects my eyes from the blue light, prevents headaches and helps with better sleep.

MINI STEAMER: Idk how I lived for 24 years without a steamer, but I’m obsessed with this one. It is so affordable and works like a charm! Catch me steaming EVERYTHING.

TOOTHPASTE: Yes, I bought toothpaste on Amazon, but read about it on Kourtney Kardashian’s website and it was worth a shot. I love it!

HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP: The Skinny Confidential recommended this so you know it’s legit. You plug this little night light in and it is supposed to help with anxiety, seasonal depression, give you more energy and sleep better. Literally everything I need help with.

SILK PILLOWCASES: I have super frizzy hair and was told that this is helpful. I found these pillowcases for $25 and they are SO nice and come in a ton of colors. I want the matching sheets!

LAPTOP STAND: I got this rec from a blogger I follow and it’s a stand for your laptop that helps you not look down when you’re on your computer. It helps with neck issues and I swear mine have gotten so much better.

HAND MASSAGER: I am on my phone all day long and have bad finger/wrist pain at nights. I found this little finger massager and it really helps and feels so good.

MASSAGE ROLLER BALL: I have so much neck pain and this thing is amazing. It’s like $8 and really works!

BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES: These are so necessary if you are on your phone and computer all day. They help protect your eyes, prevent headaches from screens and help you sleep better at night. Plus, they’re actually cute.

WEIGHTED BLANKET: I have heard so many things about these as someone who has very bad anxiety, especially at night. It’s really been helping me a lot! This one is a REALLY good price too!

THE BEST BEACH COVER-UP: I bought this for the Cayman Islands and it was adorable. I always get weirded out ordering stuff like this from Amazon but was pleasantly surprised. Also, 3 other people at my hotel had the same cover-up, so you know it’s legit!

SCRUNCHIES: Totally don't need, but totally love. I mean c'mon, who doesn't want polka dot and satin scrunchies

MARBLE LAPTOP COVER: This thing is amazing and less than $15. It protects my case and is super cute.

MINI BLENDER: This is perfect for small smoothies and milkshakes. I love using this and it's easy to clean!

CHARGING CORD: I love the braided cords because they last longer. This one has lasted longer than any of my previous charging cords and is a decent length! 

PACIFIC FARMS BONE BROTH: I've written about this so many times and it will never get old. I'm obsessed with bone broth. 

YOU DO YOU: HOW TO BE WHO YOU ARE AND USE WHAT YOU'VE GOT TO GET WHAT YOU WANT: This book is clever, and very inspirational. I love buying motivational books on Amazon.

COOKWARE: This one is a no brainer. I am way too lazy to go to Target, but also this entire set is $60 and includes everything you need. Literally, everything. It's really good quality too as I had it in my LA apartment and then bought a new set for my new ATL apartment!

TRIPOD: When I don't have anyone to take my photos, this little baby is my best friend and also $25. Such an inexpensive friendship. It comes with a little remote you hook up to your Bluetooth to take the photos. It is super easy to use and the photos turn out really well! It's our little secret...

MAKEUP ORGANIZER: This is CLUTCH. It's hard to dig in my 5 makeup bags to find what I want. This holds it all in one place, and is clear so you can see everything you own. It also helps you get organized and looks pretty too :) 

STORAGE ORGANIZER: I have a massive closet (holllahhh) but no dresser. I bought this to stick in my closet for bras underwear, socks, etc etc etc. It's easy, spacious and isn't an eyesore!

PRIVACY PHONE SCREEN: I've had one of these since high school and everyone hates it (except me). I'm not trying to hide anything on my phone promise, I just love that nobody can see it! 

RISHI MATCHA TRAVEL PACKETS: I am a major matcha fan and spend way too much money buying it at Starbucks or other coffee shops. I love to buy these little packets to mix in with some almond milk in the morning! 

Megan Crean