how I got my ish together

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Soooo yes, I lost a little over 20 pounds in the past few months but I wasn’t totally intending to, I just made healthier choices and voila! A lot of you are asking how I did this and I could lie and say I have a hardcore workout plan but we all know that isn’t true. BUT I’ll tell you how I really did it and honestly it was so easy.

In LA, I was used to very healthy food at my fingertips. Postmates was filled with healthy choices, I could walk to my favorite places, it was just the lifestyle there and life was good. Then, I moved to Atlanta and it all went to hell (I do like Atlanta though, just wasn’t used to the major differences, but now I am don’t worry!). Sooo much of the food is fried chicken (on EVERY corner) or very heavy in gluten, and honestly there aren’t a TOOOON of healthy options. (Yes, a few, but not really near where I live and work so it isn’t totally ideal). I was exploring the city and eating out a lot and definitely worked out a little bit but it wasn’t really doing anything for me. I gained like 10 pounds and it was no bueno.

Fast forward to the end of November after my trip to the Caymans where something just clicked (I also got back on birth control for my skin) and I just started losing weight, like 1-2 pounds each week. I wasn’t purposely trying to do it, I just stopped eating out, amongst other things. I just wasn’t as hungry as I was used to be and made better eating choices.


-Cut out basically all alcohol. I wasn’t a big drinker to begin with, but going out with friends I always got a couple drinks that were ALL sugar, or having a glass of wine at night. So not worth it for me. The calories, the sugar, the money, the feeling, no. It also helped my bank account a lot :) If you DO want to drink, I get Tito’s and soda with a lime, or tequila soda. I will occasionally have a glass of rosé, or a skinny margarita. That’s it. People can make fun of me for it all I want but it makes me feel way better and was literally such a waste of money. I do like to have fun and if I’m out with friends I’ll have a drink or two, but I just limit it to weekends or special occasions.

-Hot water and lemon. I started having this 1-2 times a day and it’s lifechanging. Whenever I’m at a restaurant I order this and feel so much better, plus it’s $0. Can’t beat it. It’s also so good for your stomach and skin.

-Green tea. I have this 1-2 times a day as well. I like the Yogi Green Tea Kombucha and Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life the best. I also love the unsweetened Iced Green Tea at Starbucks OR the Peach Citrus White Tea with no liquid cane sugar and 3 pumps of raspberry (makes it delicious, yes it’s a little sugary but not awful).

-Eat out less. If you have to eat out, then order a protein and veggies or something gluten-free. I love a good salmon, or scallops, or even a gluten-free pasta if they have it. Also, skip the bread (my weakness) and don’t get dessert (not necessary, unless it’s your birthday duh! (or on vacation!)

-Cook at home more. There are so many easy dishes you can make in under 20 minutes, that are cheap to make and taste good. They also fill you up fast and you always have leftovers for lunch the next day. I also am trying Hello Fresh right now and so far love it. More to come on that!

-Starbucks Egg Bites. These are literally life-changing. If I do eat breakfast, I’ll order these (the bacon ones are my fave) and I will be full for HOURS. It’s crazy, but they’re delicious and filling and full of protein and you ca’t go wrong.

-Very little snacking. If I snack, it’s something super light and not very much of it: Almonds, Pirates Booty, hard boiled eggs, a cheese stick, dried mango, gluten-free pretzels, etc.

-Taking long walks. I honestly am not a fan of working out, I just don’t like it and can’t commit. I’ll try again someday…. BUT my favorite thing to do 2-3 times a week is take a long walk around my neighborhood either alone or with a friend. 2-3 miles is key and makes you feel so good. Sometime’s I’ll do some crunches or squats after or a small little ab workout if we’re gonna get really crazy ;)

-Intermittant fasting. The Skinny Confidential has some really good information on this. It’s honestly so easy to do. I basically skip breakfast, but I will have a Starbucks iced peach tea, or a green tea. You choose a window of time during the day that you are going to eat: 10-6, 11-7, 12-8, 1-9, etc. I like 10-6 and 11-7 the best.

*Your stomach will start to shrink and you will get full faster, which isn’t a bad thing. You just eat when you’re hungry and eat something healthy and good for you.

****I definitely am not saying that I eat amazing and am healthy heather all the time. Let’s be real, if I see something I want, I like it and I have it and I don’t totally feel bad. It’s good to have a treat every now and then. I like to have fun, I’m not a bore guys duh.

Megan Crean