benefits of CBD + a discount


I’ve been curious about CBD for a while now and started using Premium Jane products a couple of months ago. I’m hooked, literally. I never knew all of the benefits before taking them and have been doing a ton of research. Also, using the code “MEGAN” you can get 15% off their site!


CBD is used for a ton of different things: acne, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, epilepsy, insomnia, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, etc. CBD can promote sounder sleep, reduce inflammation and pain, fight stress, improve heart health, and even support weight loss. Literally the list could go on, but those are the main points.


GUMMIES: These are my favorite ever. First, they taste so good, and second, they’re just easy. I carry them in my purse at all times and take 1-2 depending on my mood. 1 for a good mood when I just want to relax and 2 if I’m in a bad mood. They just give you a little boost of relaxation and make you feel better :)

TOPICAL: They have 2 kinds of topical creams: Cocoa Butter and Eucalyptus. I like the Eucalyptus because it’s hella calming. I like to put this on my neck when I get neck pain, temples for a headache and hands when I’ve been on my phone all day.

OILS: They have a few flavors of these and I love mint best, but the rest are still really good. I like to put a couple droppers of this under my tongue either in the morning to relax me before the day or at night. OR both :) It’s easy and chill. You can also put this in your water, tea, etc which I like to do too!

CAPSULES: These I like to take at night before sleep. I’ll take 1-2 and sometimes take them with a melatonin gummy and I’m OUT. No anxiety for me at night anymore :)

If you’ve never tried CBD (or even if you haven’t), I encourage you to try it and see what you think. I love that Premium Jane has so many different options based on what you like, so there is 100% something for everyone! Don’t forget to use the code “MEGAN” for 15% off your order!

Megan Crean