customize your Christmas with Coach

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During the holidays, it’s always so difficult to find that perfect gift for your family and friends. I usually struggle with this and wait until the last minute to shop. Not a good idea :( However, I have found the perfect gift for anyone on your list! Coach Create provides customization for your bags, shoes, accessories, etc. It’s also super easy, very flexible and hands on!

See more of my Holiday favorites HERE!


  1. Pick your item: I picked the Parker Backpack and I’m OBSESSED with it. (More about this later) No matter what you pick, there will be a way to customize it.

  2. Customize your item online while ordering your purchase, or in-store. I chose to visit the store to customize my backpack tag in order to see all of the options and colors in person. The process was fun to watch too!

  3. For the backpack, you customize the hang tag. The bag comes with a black tag attached to it, so I added my initials in gold. I then chose a dusty pink hangtag to hang behind the black one where I added a heart and my name. You can choose from multiple colors, and pick whatever words or icons you want.

  4. Some of the bags and shoes on Coach, you can add pins to. See more here. This feature is beyond fun and makes it easy to create the PERFECT gift. I’m obsessed with the custom sneakers. You can also give the bag or shoes to your family and friends and they can go and create their design themselves! It’s a win win.

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