fall style with Abercrombie


Fall fashion. It’s my favorite thing in the world. Okay, maybe not favorite…I love biscuits and gravy and mac & cheese but fall fashion is really high up there. I love finding the best jackets, cutest boots, coziest sweaters, etc etc etc. If it would ever be fall in Georgia then maybe I could start sporting them on a daily basis?! Like it’s September, can it cool down please?

 Fall fashion to me is just the best thing ever. It consists of transitional outwear that is classic and effortless. I want to feel confident in it and comfortable. It also has to be versatile and get me through the next few months where the weather is constantly changing. I love everything about cozy jackets, good denim, comfy sweaters and anything boot related.

 I am obsessed with Abercrombie right now. Throwback to middle school when it was all I wore. (I had a t-shirt that said “Talking 24/7” and boy was that the truth). They have some AMAZING pieces right now. Seriously, this jacket. Like we all know I love a good denim jacket and I’ve been on the hunt for a Sherpa-lined jacket for a LONG time. I finally found the perfect one. Seriously, it’s so cozy. I paired it with these cargo overalls that are also from Abercrombie. I will be rocking these all year round with a cute graphic tee underneath, or even a tight turtleneck or cute long sleeve in the winter. I can even see a chunky sweater over them as well. I need everything they have right now and just can’t stop shopping on their site!

 Abercrombie is so good right now. Everything I wear has to be comfortable or I’m not wearing it. Especially when it comes to fall fashion when the weather is cooler. Thank goodness for Abercrombie.